UCCOI finished works on brand-new collection NEW GENERATION designed by Katarzyna Herman-Janiec.

UCCOI (the producer of furnishings and interior elements with the usage of plexi) has just finished works on the newest project - collection
NEW GENERATION - designed by Katarzyna Herman-Janiec from Protein Design. All the furnishings were produced out of the highest quality of extruded and cast plexi. The designer has created a suite of daring in their form and colour furnishings that constitute a reflection of the latest world-wide design trends. The collection encompasses more than 40 unique furnishings that comprise two lines - Home and Business.

The New Generation Home collection is a proposal for those who at their homes wish to surround themselves with cosy and unusual furnishings with manifold possibilities of their use and application. The collection makes up tables, chairs, armchairs, coffee tables, bookshelves and TV stands. The designer has also thought of decorations, accessories and other interior elements and just to name few, for instance: a laptop stand to be used in bed and mirrors. Owing to their transparency and light transmittance they constitute a perfect supplementing element to both traditional and modern interiors.

The New Generation Business collection is a proposal for businessmen who value the precision of workmanship in furniture, unconventional form and above all, exceptionally those who love intriguing simplicity. For those persons the designer has created colourful bookshelves, transparent desks, coffee tables and tables. The most popular furnishing arousing everybody's interest is ALEA stand for documents and files which is a perfect element for call centres and open spaces where ergonomics and comfort of work is the most significant.

All of the presented in the collection models of furniture are available custom-built at the producer. The realisation time is 14-21 working days. Each element of the NEW GENERATION collection can be adjusted and adopted in terms of colour and dimensions to the character and design of every interior.

Information on the designer:

Katarzyna Herman-Janiec is a graduate of ASP (Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Art) in Krakow (Department of Interior Design), the prizewinner of Hettich International Design Award contest; ("Furniture storage") May 2005; and the contest organised by the magazine Nowy Styl ("Chair and table to a Polish kitchen") April 2005. Diploma May 2006.

Information on the producer:

UCCOI company is the producer of furnishings and interior elements with a usage of plexi in Poland. The produced furnishings and interior elements are of the highest quality and reflect the contemporary world-wide design. Additionally, the company specialises in the production of lighting construction in which the company own innovative system of lightening with the usage of LED diodes technology is installed.

UCCOI simultaneously comprises a trademark of produced custom-built and sold by the company collections of furnishings and interior elements designed by recognised designers on www.mebleplexi.pl.